Our growing St. Luke’s youth program is a Christ- and scripture-centered social justice program of study led by a strong and gifted team of adult parishioners. It’s comprised of middle- and high-school aged parishioners who are committed – each in her or his own way – to putting spirituality into action.

This year, we’ve devoted ourselves to a service project helping Partners in Housing Transition send beautiful, and not just functional, furniture out into the community. This finds the kids brainstorming, planning, making lists of needed supplies, sanding, patching up, staining, painting, and loving each banged up piece of donated furniture into new life.

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We are also seeking together an understanding of what it means to be a community in Christ: to rely on one another’s gifts, to be vulnerable and present together, to offer what we can.

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And we are dedicated to the cultivation and understanding of prayer, and are looking eagerly forward to a summer pilgrimage to Saint Meinrad Archabbey, during which we will dive deeply into the relationship between prayer and social justice.

If you are or have a youth-aged kiddo (11-17), we would very much welcome your family into our community and the work we share.

You can find a list of upcoming St. Luke’s youth gatherings here.






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