about formation

Welcome to the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Formation Blog. Whether you’re a long-time parishioner of St. Luke’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan, you’re thinking of coming to worship with us, or you’ve found your way here only virtually, we are glad to share this space of thought, faith, and fellowship with you.

The spiritual formation we offer is multigenerational: we are all of us, at all ages, both students and teachers. In our spiritual practices, we engage our intellect and our curiosity. We seek to be fed so that we might serve. And we lean in to the mystery of liturgy.

Discover details about our formation offerings elsewhere on this site:

* Children, preschool through fifth grade: Visit this page for insights into our children’s chapel.

* Youth, ages eleven through eighteen: Learn more about our youth-aged parishioners and their current exploration of the relationship between prayer and social justice here.

* Adults: Find information about upcoming events and adult formation forums here.

* Pedagogy: Read our first post if you’d like to learn more about our philosophies regarding kiddos and worship.

* Current explorations: And click on “home” above to read more deeply into our current formation pursuits and explorations.

If anything on any of these pages speaks to you, we hope you’ll take the time to share that with us. We welcome comments, conversation, and community in all sorts of forms.


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